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Who ever said cows were the only creatures who could jump over the moon? Rabbits are great jumpers, as everyone knows. So obviously they could do it. I'm sure some totally have already. Like this one. Clear over the moon.

This design was hand drawn, transferred to rubber, carved into the rubber, hand printed onto paper, digitized from a photo of that print, burned onto a screen, and then screenprinted onto shirts - all by us at home! So far we're too small of a shop to stock a large inventory - so most likely your shirt will be added to our weekly wholesale order (placed on Mondays) and printed several days later. Please expect 2-3 weeks before your shirt ships, though if your timing is lucky we'll get it out much quicker than that. 

Shirt Details: 52/48% cotton/polyester Bella +Canvas Unisex Jersey T's. They're unisex sizing, and are available from size XS to 4XL, and come in this vibrant heather magenta color. See the last photo for a size chart. To best care for your hand-screenprinted shirt, turn it inside-out to wash, and only wash/dry on cold or warm - not hot!

10% of profits go to support Land Back, reparations, trans folks in need, and other mutual aid efforts.

Bun Over The Moon T-Shirt

  • Clothing: We'll accept returns of unworn, like-new items within 30 days from when you received the item. Customers are responsible for return shipping. 

    Cards/Prints: We'll accept returns of undamaged cards or prints within 30 days from when you received the item. Customers are responsible for return shipping.

    If you're dissatisfied with the quality of your purchase for some reason, please send us a message through our Contact Form, describe the issue with your item, include photos of the issue, and let us know what your ideal resolution would be. We do our best to create quality artwork & clothing, and at the same time, all of our goods are handmade and will naturally include some amount of variation. 

  • If we have your requested size and style of shirt in stock, it'll ship within 2-3 business days! But more often than not, we'll be adding your item to a list for our next wholesale order, and will print each shirt as requested. We're not rich enough yet to have a bunch of blank shirts on hand all the time! With that in mind, please expect 2-3 weeks for your shirt to ship.