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Being polite can be overrated. As is being heterosexual. There's so much more out there in the world than a polite veneer and a prescribed social norm. This skunk does not fall within those expected categories, and they won't pretend to, either. I hope you know at least a good handful of people who would appreciate this sticker. We all deserve the freedom to be our unapologetic, real selves.

This vinyl sticker measures 5"x3.5" and is perfect for your water bottle, laptop, car, a random lamp post... anywhere! It's waterproof and weatherproof thanks to the sturdy vinyl and laminate coating it's made from. To make this sticker, we drew the design, carved it into linoleum, hand printed it, photographed it, cleaned up the digitized image, and sent it off to a maker of custom stickers for printing.

Impolite Skunk Sticker

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