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What better way to celebrate than a big ol bonfire? These raccoons are living it up, burning bones from whatever dead things they scavenged recently, dancing around the flames, enjoying the moonlight. Achieving their life goals, basically.


This design was hand drawn, transferred to rubber carving medium, carved into the rubber, hand printed onto paper, digitized from a photo of that print, burned onto a screen, and then screenprinted onto hoodies - all by us at home! So far we're too small of a shop to stock a large inventory - so most often, your hoodie purchase will be added to our weekly wholesale order and printed the following week. Please expect 2-3 weeks before your hoodie ships, though if your timing is lucky we'll get it out much quicker than that. (Wholesale orders happen on Mondays, so if you buy over the weekend, your hoodie could ship within a week!)

Hoodie Details: 60% cotton/30% recycled polyester/10% polyester. Threadfast Unisex Ultimate Fleece Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt. Tear away label! Comes with a sneaky phone pocket inside the right-side larger pocket.

To best care for your hand-screenprinted hoodie, turn it inside-out to wash, and only wash on cold or warm - not hot!

Raccoon Bonfire Hoodie

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