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This turtle has zero chill, and isn't afraid to show it. When they see something gay, they shout about it. When you're on their lawn, they Will yell at you to get off. They're frank about other feelings, too - their desire for snacks, dinner, and about not being perceived. Perhaps you can relate, or know someone who can. We're here to celebrate those times that you just need to let your grumpy side shine.

This  vinyl sticker sheet measures 6"x4" and is perfect for your water bottle, laptop, car, a random lamp post... anywhere! The stickers are waterproof and weatherproof thanks to the sturdy vinyl and laminate coating it's made from. These designs were hand drawn, then carved into rubber and hand printed, digitized from photos of the drawing/prints and arranged by us in a graphics program, and sent off to a maker of custom stickers for printing.

Grumpy Turtles - Vinyl Sticker Sheet

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